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Improvisation and Introverts

I deliver improvisation skill sessions to a variety of corporate clients in order to support innovation and collaborative thinking within teams and departments. For the vast majority of participants it will be their first experience of improvisation. Their only frame of reference is likely to be episodes of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and they…

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I recently taught at a residential improvisation festival with my friends and colleagues from the Maydays One of the benefits of teaching a residential retreat is working with participants who are already in the zone when they walk in the room. There is a sparkle and an openness which means there is no need for…

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Improvisation and Presence

As an experienced performer and trainer I condense the underlying value of practicing improvisation to one word – presence. In order to improvise well one acquires and develops a specific set of skills. This skill set greatly enhances personal effectiveness through an ever deepening level of presence in the here and now. When people first…

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