Supporting Cultural Change with Improvisation

Challenging the existing culture in a large organisation is risky and invigorating. I recently worked with a forward thinking VP within a global blue chip company who is commited to driving change. He brought together  a large team, laid out the vision and invited their input. With significant buy-in and enthusiasm clearly evident it was…

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Improvisation and Presence

As an experienced performer and trainer I condense the underlying value of practicing improvisation to one word – presence. In order to improvise well one acquires and develops a specific set of skills. This skill set greatly enhances personal effectiveness through an ever deepening level of presence in the here and now. When people first…

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Mr Obama Needs Improvisation Training

In his recent interview with Jon Stewart on the Today Show President Obama scored an unnecessary own goal. The audience and host erupted into laughter as the President added “but” after the “Yes we can” slogan that had come to define his presidential campaign – a campaign built on the theme of hope and new…

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