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Collaboration is part of the essence of improvisation, each participant contributes and builds on the contributions of their fellows. The outcome is a mystery and the journey is delightful and surprising. The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Anthropologists contend that it is the ability to pass on learning to other humans that has lead to the numerical success of the human race on Earth. Sometimes you don’t have have to do all the work by yourself.
With all that in mind I shall relax and direct your attention to two superb pieces of work about improvisation written by people I have been fortunate to collaborate with on many occasions

Ian Gotts is the CEO of Nimbus Partners, he has taken improvisation to heart and is really making the most of the benefits that unfold with regular practice. He has compiled a collection of articles from people he knows who actively apply improvisation in the world of business.
Ian has made it freely available as an ebook here

Asher Rickayzen is a consultant with Relume who manages to combine a deep knowledge of strategy with a delightful sense of humour. Asher uses improvisation to enrich his work with organisational development and facilitate change. He has written of the lasting impact of his first surprising taste of this transformational work  here

Posted on 10th March 2011 in General

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